The Wolfmen were once a group of mortal men who brutally raped and murdered a girl of the Nicolae tribe of gypsies. As an act of vengeance, they were cursed to become immortal demonic beasts, so they would suffer for all eternity.


In order to break the curse, the Wolfmen knew they needed the Waffediyok. Under a full moon, which was when they were strongest, they attacked Lydia Nicolae, though she managed to secure the talisman. When her niece Ava, the next keeper, sought the talisman to avenge her aunt, the Wolfmen attacked the camp. However, Phoebe Halliwell was able to convince Ava not to continue the cycle of vengeance. Ava then used the Waffediyok to break the curse, turning the Wolfmen back into mortals.

It was mentioned that the Charmed Ones would cast a spell, allowing Darryl Morris to arrest the men for the murder of Lydia without raising suspicion.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Beast Form: Upon becoming cursed, the Wolfmen gained a monsterous appearance along with inhuman strength, speed and senses.
  • Immortality: As part of the curse, the Wolfmen were made immortal.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Ava mentioned that the Wolfmen inspired most werewolves stories.


Season 5
5.03 The Evil Eye