Werner was a high-ranking Whitelighter and an old friend of Leo Wyatt, though he was loyal to the council of Elders.


Werner called Leo to the Heavens to discuss the inevitable return of Adam, telling him the Charmed Ones needed to prepare. He also informed Leo that the Elders were pleased with his work and were keeping an eye on him. The Elders then alerted Werner to a disturbance at the manor and he sent Leo back down.

After Leo worked with Darryl Morris to free the sisters from Witch Hunters, Werner reported directly to the Elders, telling them he thought Leo was ready.

Some time later, Werner met with Leo at the manor. He informed him that the Elders wanted Leo to accept the promotion and come up there. Leo refused, telling him that his family was more important. Werner then noted that if things were to escalate, it may no longer be a matter of choice.

When Adam found the Source of All Magic, the Elders summoned Leo to the Heavens. Once there, he met with Werner, who told him what was going on. Leo wanted to return to the sisters, though Werner told him he was needed up there. Leo replied that he would always serve the council, but that his place was with the sisters, which Werner accepted.

When Leo left, Werner felt a disturbance and found a group of Darklighters attacking the Heavens. When Leo returned, he found an injured Werner. He tried to heal his old friend, but the poison had spread too far. Werner told his friend that he could not abandon the Heavens now and that past choices no longer mattered. He then died in Leo's arms, who remained up there to fight.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Orbing: The ability to teleport through the use of orbs.
  • Whitelighter Powers: All powers and abilities commonly associated with Whitelighters.


Season 5
5.15 Good Witch Hunting
5.17 Lessons Learned
5.19 Chaos Theory