Thomas Woodward was the son of a witch hunter named Robert Woodward. Although raised as a hunter, Thomas was hesitant about killing witches.


Robert and a few of his henchmen, including Thomas, stormed the Halliwell Manor and kidnapped the sisters. After following Phoebe upstairs, Thomas hesitated when he heard the twins cry and allowed Phoebe to put up the crystal cage before shooting her. While trapped, Phoebe noticed Thomas' reluctance and tried to convince him to release her and her sisters. However, she was interrupted by Robert before she could get through to him.

When Robert tried to burn the sisters at dawn, Thomas tried to talk to his father, though Leo and Darryl arrived to save the sisters. In the ensuing fight, Thomas attempted to stop his father from shooting Phoebe, resulting in him accidentally being shot in the struggle. Although Leo attempted to heal Thomas, it was too late and he died.

Robert and his henchmen were then arrested by Darryl and charged with manslaughter and possessing illegal weapons. Phoebe later expressed her sympathies for him, as he had not chosen to become a hunter.


Season 5
5.15 Good Witch Hunting