Spencer, commonly going by Spence, is a mortal. He is the guitarist of the band Piper Halliwell hired to perform regularly at P3.


When having headliners perform at P3 was becoming too expensive, Piper hired a house band to perform at the club. While setting up the stage, Spence overheard Piper talking to her sister and questioned her about it. Annoyed, Piper told him to mind his own business. Later, when the date turned out to be incredibly boring, Spence saved Piper by faking a problem with the sound system. Although bothered by his rude meddling, Piper lated remarked to her sisters that she found him good-looking.

When Piper returned another night, Spence suggested she only came to see him play. Piper rebuffed him, telling him she was not the type of woman he would be interested in. Spence noted that was more to him than just being a musician, just like there was more to her than just being a club owner and a mom. After the club closed, Spence returned to pick up his guitar and Piper admitted she might have been too hasty to decide. Spence kissed her to help her decide and thy started making out.

Spence and Piper later had a date at the manor, as Piper didn't want to ask her sisters to babysit. He was amazed by Piper's cooking and told her that she should open a restaurant instead of a club, to which Piper replied that it was still her dream. The date was then cut short when Phoebe interrupted, though Spence promised to take Piper out next time.

Before the third date, Piper was considering taking their relationship to the next level, though she was nervous as he would be her first after Leo. She later had to cancel the date when Christine was kidnapped. After Phoebe lost her magic, Piper went to see Spence and ended up staying the night.

The following morning, Piper tried to sneak out, though Spence woke up before she could. He wanted to make her breakfast, but she had to leave to check on her family. Spence later visited the manor during Phoebe's vision quest. When he heard her scream, he entered the manor and Dr. Ferris knocked him out with a potion. Piper later managed to convince him he had fallen asleep on the couch while waiting for her.


Season 6
6.11 Wiccan Ways
6.12 Charm Like an Egyptian
6.13 Purpose
6.15 A Hunter's Tale
6.16 Phoebe, Interrupted