Sheila Morris is the wife of Darryl Morris and mother of their two sons, Mikey and DJ Morris.


Season 5Edit

While running late for an appointment, Sheila dropped Mikey off at the police station and finally met Phoebe. After she left, Darryl revealed he actually did not want her to meet the sisters because of the dangers involved with magic.

After Piper gave birth to the twins, Phoebe convinced Darryl to bring Sheila to the manor. Piper was happy to meet her. Sheila was shocked when a demon attacked, but helped take care of the wounded. Darryl and the sisters later explained everything to her and she promised to keep their secret.

Season 6Edit

Sheila and Piper took the kids to a playground at the park and talked. Piper admitted that her social circle had gotten small due to magic and Sheila assured her that she wanted to be friends. When a cute guy checked Piper out and she ingored him, Sheila told her she needed to get back out there and date. While the sisters went out to stop the Changelings, Sheila watched the twins.


Season 5
5.10 With Great Power
5.13 The Name Game
Season 6
6.07 A Changeling is Gonna Come