The Shadow was a demonic force born from shadows. It was connected to Adam and acted as a conduit, allowing him to cross planes and escape purgatory.


The shadow first appeared before Barbas while he manipulated Cole and Phoebe by astral projecting out of purgatory.

The shadow appeared before Cole Turner shortly before Adam arrived on earth. Cole briefly mistook it for the shadow that served him during his time with the Triad. After capturing Cole, Adam used the shadow to send a message to purgatory.

When the Charmed Ones learned Adam was about to return, Phoebe went to learn more about him and had a premonition about the shadow. The sisters and Leo then discovered the shadow was the thing allowing Adam to escape purgatory. They used a ritual to cleanse its evil and destroy it, though Adam still managed to return.


Book of ShadowsEdit

In mortal terms, a shadow is merely a figure cast in the absence of light, though a darker nature lies hidden within. In darkest hours, shadows can grant life to a demonic force. These shadow creatures are often used as messengers by upper-level demons. Shadows possess the rare ability to travel between all planes, unhindered by physical form. When one binds a shadow, this entity can use it as a conduit to force itself through planes.

To Summon the ShadowEdit

  • This spell requires a circle of black candles and a white candle in the center. The caster must be in the circle.
By power of the burning light,
Bring the shadow to my sight,
In darkness it can hide no more,
Hear these summons I implore.

Purification RitualEdit

  • This ritual requires the moon to be present, a circle of black candles and a white candle in the center. The caster must be in the circle.
Under the glow of a celestial moon,
I call the spirits to commune,
Cleanse this evil of its fright,
Return this shadow to the night.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Active Powers
  • Flight: The ability to defy gravity and move freely through the air.
  • Shadow Manipulation: The ability to manipulate shadows. The Shadow could control other shadows and merge with them to increase and change its size.
  • Density Control: The ability to switch between a solid and intangible state. While typically intangible, the shadow can become solid when it wishes.
  • Telepathy: The ability to communicate with the mind. Since the shadow is unable to speak, it uses telepathy to communicate.


Season 5
5.02 Fearful Synergy
5.06 The Devil You Know
5.07 Devil May Care
5.16 Seeking Shadows