Scott was a divorced father who briefly dated Piper Halliwell.


Meeting PiperEdit

When Piper was at the park with Sheila Morris and their kids, Scott walked by with his dog and checked Piper out. When Piper ignored him, Sheila called her out on it, telling her she needed to move on from Leo get back out there. Scott ran into Piper again as she was about to leave. They began talking and bonded over the fact that they were both divorced. Scott handed her his number and told her to call if she was interested in a date. Later, after a short talk with Phoebe, Piper decided to call him.

Valentine's DayEdit

After their first date, Scott called Piper to ask her out on Valentine's day, though Piper came up with the excuse that she was busy at the club. Paige then asked one of the bartenders to take over, so Piper could call Scott. She asked him to meet her at the club to discuss their date. When Scott mentioned a bistro near pier 39, Piper told him she used to go there with Leo.

Their conversation was overheard by Eros, an evil Cupid, who began manipulating Scott to the point where he violently grabbed her arm. Piper quickly froze Scott and knocked him out with a bottle. After figuring out Eros was behind it, Piper realized she could never explain it and Scott would never forgive himself, so instead she used a spell to erase his memories.


Season 6
6.07 A Changeling is Gonna Come
6.08 Crazy in Love