Robert Woodward is a mortal and a witch hunter, who attempted to burn the Charmed Ones at the stake.


Robert and a few of his henchmen, including his son Thomas, stormed the Halliwell Manor and kidnapped the sisters. He trapped them in a basement and blocked their magic with advanced technology, intending to burn them at the stake at dawn. However, Leo and Darryl managed to track them down. In the ensuing fight, Thomas attempted to stop his father from shooting Phoebe, resulting in him accidentally being shot in the struggle.

Although Leo attempted to heal Thomas, it was too late. Robert and his henchmen were then arrested by Darryl and charged with manslaughter and possessing illegal weapons.

When the Mather Corporation began targeting witches, the sisters decided to put a stop to it and visited Robert in prison for information. Because Robert was bitter about his fellow hunters abandoning him, he provided them with the information they needed. After the sisters left, Robert was visited by Derek Grant, who wanted to know about the sisters.


Season 5
5.15 Good Witch Hunting
6.06 Witches to War