Penny Halliwell was a witch of the Warren Line and the mother of Patty Halliwell. After the death of her daughter, she raised her granddaughters, the Charmed Ones and kept their magical heritage hidden. After her death, the sisters discovered the Book of Shadows and unbound their powers.

Penny was a powerful and highly skilled witch, responsible for many entries in the Book of Shadows. She has been married four times and engaged two more times. These experiences left her somewhat cynical and resentful to men.


Penny and her daughter Patty appeared at the manor when Piper was in labor. She seemed somewhat disappointed when Piper gave birth to a son.

Penny appeared to her granddaughters after Adam found the Source of All Magic. Due to the walls between planes weakening, she was able to materialize. She told the sisters to hurry and also informed them that the Heavens were under attack. When Piper wanted to wait for Leo, Penny urged that she did not need him and all she needed was her sisters.

Penny reappeared alongside Prue to help Paige in her struggle with Adam and to help her escape. She then performed a spell with Patty and her granddaughters to close the gates and slow down Adam's plans. The Halliwells then set out to fight Adam, at which point the Charmed Ones were able to vanquish him by calling on the entire Warren line. After the world was saved, Penny informed the others that they needed to return to the afterlife, which they did.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Active Powers

  • Telekinesis: The ability to move objects and beings with the mind. Penny was highly skilled at using her power, being able to move objects and people with high precision and force.
  • Spirit Powers: All powers and abilities commonly associated with spirits.


Season 5
5.12 Monster Mommy
5.19 Chaos Theory
5.20 Purgatory Rising