Dr. Ferris is the therapist Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt visited to work on the problems in their marriage. Unbeknowst to them at first, she is also a shaman, a magical being similar to a witch that specializes in herbs and potions.


To help Piper and Leo rediscover the passion and imtimacy in their marriage, Dr. Ferris secretly douses them with magical pheromones after a session. The pheromones were meant to slowly bring out their attraction to each other, though their own magic accelerated the process, sending them in a sexual frenzy of sorts. When the couple realized what was going on, they confronted the doctor. She questioned them on how they experienced it, to which Leo admitted it had worked, as he felt closer to Piper then he had in months. Dr. Ferris then countered the pheromones, which would take a little while.

When Phoebe lost her magic due to being injected with the cure, it was felt throughout the magical community. Dr. Ferris arrived at the manor to help the sisters find a solution. She discovered that Phoebe had been cut off from her magic, but believed that it could be reclaimed. She helped Phoebe undergo a vision quest to find answers and knocked out Spence with a potion when he interrupted. Through the vision quest, Phoebe learned that she had to find the Source of All Magic. Dr. Ferris left with a warning that dark times were coming.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Known Powers
  • Potion Making: The ability to brew magical potions and elixirs. Shamans specialize in herbs and potions. Dr. Ferris used her skills to make magical pheromones.
  • Immunity: As a magical being similar to a witch, Dr. Ferris was immune to Piper's freezing power.


Season 5
5.18 Calm Before the Storm
Season 6
6.16 Phoebe, Interrupted