Darryl Morris is a mortal inspector for the San Francisco Police Department. He is a close personal friend of Charmed Ones and is aware of their magical secret. He was also the partner of Andy Trudeau prior to his death, and succeeded him as the sisters' secret keeper within the police department.

Darryl is married to Sheila and they have two sons together, Mikey and DJ Morris.


Season 5Edit

When Lydia Nicolae was brutally murdered, Darryl realized it was no ordinary case and saw Phoebe had met with her on a security camera. He informed the sisters and kept the tape out of the file. He was later present at the seance performed by Ava and Evan Nicolae and was freaked out by the appearance of Lydia's spirit. The sisters later cast a spell that allowed him to arrest the now mortal Wolfmen without exposing magic.

Darryl investigated the unusual murder of a married couple and found a card for P3. When he asked the sisters at the club, Phoebe had a premonition and saw it was the work of the Siren.

When Paige found out the ex-husband of one of her clients had gone missing, she asked Darryl for help. Darryl found out his car was spotted near P3 and when they looked at the security tapes, they discovered Cole had murdered him. Paige quickly deleted the tape to prevent exposure, something Darryl felt conflicted about as now the truth would never come out.

When Sheila dropped Mikey off at Darryl's office, she ran into Phoebe for the first time. When she was gone, Darryl admitted that he had kept his wife away from the sisters to protect her from the dangers of magic. Phoebe was upset, though she understood. Darryl tried to give her information about the superhero running around the city, though Phoebe already found what she was looking for in Mikey's comic book and left.

Season 6Edit

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Despite being a main character in the first four seasons, Darryl was "demoted" to a recurring character due to the limited amount of episodes in which he appears.


Season 5
5.03 The Evil Eye
5.04 Burning with Desire
5.06 The Devil You Know
5.10 With Great Power
5.13 The Name Game
5.15 Good Witch Hunting
5.18 Calm Before the Storm
Season 6
6.01 Black Widow
6.02 Itsy Bitsy Piper
6.03 Eye for an Evil Eye
6.07 A Changeling is Gonna Come
6.09 A House Divided
6.10 Hunt or be Hunted
6.13 Purpose
6.15 A Hunter's Tale