Glen makes his comeback.

Signals Crossed is the eighth episode of the fifth season of Charmed.


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A letter to "Ask Phoebe" leads Phoebe to a young woman living in a haunted apartment. Meanwhile, Paige finds herself in a difficult situation when a love from the past returns just when she is happy with Evan.


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Magical NotesEdit


To Vanquish a GhostEdit

  • Can only be cast by the dead. used by Tommy to vanquish his mother.
Ashes to ashes, spirit to spirit,
Take her soul, banish this evil.


  • Divination - used by Paige with her tarot cards and Evan through palm reading.
  • Telekinesis - used by the ghosts to slam a door shut, move the glass on the spirit board and throw objects.
  • Premonition - used by Phoebe to get a premonition of a letter and to see the past in the apartment.
  • Possession - It is mentioned Tommy possessed Dana to write a letter to Phoebe.
  • Molecular Immobilization - used by Piper to freeze objects being thrown at her.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The plot of this episode bears similarities to "Rm w/a Vu", the fifth episode of the first season of Angel.
  • Leo is absent for the first time in Season 5. With Cole no longer a part of the main cast, this is the first episode in which only the sisters star.
  • Glen Belland was last seen in "Trial by Magic" in season 4, in which he mentioned thinking of going to Nepal.
  • Despite being mentioned before, this marks the first Season 5 appearance of Elise Rothman.
  • Phoebe displays her enhanced sense of intuition when she is able to sense something horrible happened in the apartment even before getting a premonition.
  • In this episode, the appearance of ghosts causes drops in temperature and the lights to flicker.
  • When Phoebe notes that Dana is taking the haunting suprisingly well, Dana replies that strange things happen in San Francisco all the time.
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